Magnetic Patch For Hyperosteogeny Medical Massage Patch Treat Osteoarthritis Bone Hyperplasia Spondylosis Herb Plaster D1098


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Description: perforated magnetic patch is coated with a medallion healing composition, which includes over 30 herbs Chinese traditional medicine, with the magnetic disk in the center. It connects to its exposure to the therapeutic effect of a magnetic field with the action of herbal herbal extracts. Size 75mm * 90mm..
The plaster is intended for use in the treatment of symptoms in order to facilitate all types of cartilage and hypertrophy of connective tissue:
– "Pits" on the legs, resulting from the deformation of the metatarsus of the thumb,
– "Spurs" on their feet,
– Arthritis, arthrosis,
– Acute and chronic pain in the joints of various origins.
The therapeutic composition of the patch consists of herbs Chinese traditional medicine (Tengsanqi, sargentgloryvine stem, Tuyizhihao, curcuma root safflower), native to the south-west Guizhou. Plaster is made using a unique advanced technologies on the basis of old recipes of the peoples of Guizhou Province.
How to use: stick the patch on clean, dry skin problem areas. One patch is used within 2 days.
Store in a cool and dry place. Not recommended for use on persons suffering from skin allergies, used with caution in pregnant women. Do not use on skin areas with open wounds.
Additional recommendations for the integrated treatment of "seed" on the legs with moderately severe bone deformities such as massage, physiotherapy sessions, exercise. To strengthen the ligaments of the foot device can perform the following exercises – rotation stops in one or the other direction, flexion and extension legs in the ankle joint, abduction stop outside and mixing them inside, flexion and extension of the toes, the toes grab cloth or a pencil, to raise and put them on the floor; pull large gum between the big toes and stretch it in all directions.




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