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In order to maintain the performance of the watch, it is very important to choose the right watch winder box.
1.Automated mechanical watches use a mechanical movement that automatically winds up as the watch moves. Generally speaking, you need to wear at least 8 hours a day to ensure that your mechanical watch has enough power to ensure that the watch is running on the day, so that the timing will be more accurate. If you don’t use watch winder, your watch will stop working when you are not wearing it. It has a great impact on the accuracy and longevity of your watch.
2. Kalawen watch winder works on the principle of simulating the movement of the watch on the wrist when you move. It is a device that automatically winds your automatic watch when it is not worn, helping you to free your hands. They are an essential tool for watch collectors.

1. Please use the adapter that comes with the package. If you wan to use a similar adapter, the voltage output must be identical.
2. Please do not manually rotate the winder or it will damage the watch winder.
3. Do not operate both power modes at the same time. If they are powered on, it will burn out the internal components of the watch winder.
4. Avoid exposing the watch winder to the sun, water and other extreme temperatures which may damage the watch winder.
5. When you open the watch winder for the first time, it is normal that it may be a bit of leather smell. Pay attention to this before you buy it if you mind.

Size: 18cm18cm20cm/7.1in7.1in7.87in
Weight: 2.2kg
Voltage: 100-240v
Packaged Included:
1 x Automatic Watch Winder Box
1 x AC Power Adapter
1 x Cleaning Cloth
Note: 1. More suitable for watches with a dial diameter of 42mm or less. NOT suitable for watches with excessive dial diameter and thick thickness.
🏆Automatic Watch Winder: Keeps your mechanical watches precise with this luxury auto winder box. Only suitable for your automatic mechanical watches. Simply place your favorite 2 wrist watches on the storage box. This watch rocker box automatically wind each independently for you at the same time without over winding.
🏆Upgraded Design Watch Winder:Flexible 5 program rotation mode, we recommend using Mode 2 if your watch has no special requirements. More advanced japanese mute motor and transmission brings a rotating experience close to zero decibels. Newest design rotating disc and memory foam pillow compatible with more automatic watches.
🏆High Quality Double Watch Winder: Using Japanese imported motor, it can operate quietly while providing powerful energy (The noise below 5dB). The use of acrylic glass window, eco-friendly piano paint and hardware accessories. This 100% handmade wooden box is beautifully decorated to showcase your elegance. This is a great gift for your family, lover and friends.
🏆Two Power Modes: It can be powered by a 100-240v AC adapter (included) or a 2x 1.5V battery (not included). But do not operate both power modes at the same time. Before using the battery mode, make sure the power plug is unplugged. You can take it with you when you are on a business trip or traveling outside.
🏆Wide Compatibility: 64mm and 70mm diameter oval pillows are compatible with almost all watch sizes. Whether it’s a small size for women or a large size for men, the watch winder can hold it. It is also a watch box decoration, and the large plexiglass cover protects your watch from dust, moisture and scratches