26 Sep

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Ideal for anyone who needs a little extra room to move when playing the Wii, the Official Nintendo Wireless Ultra Sensor Bar extends the effective play range of your Wii. This easy-to-install accessory allows you to control your Wii from greater distances, providing you with more flexibility while playing. And it’s officially licensed by Nintendo, so the sensor will not void your game system warranty.

Wide-Range Sensor Provides More Flexibility
The Ultra Sensor Bar features a highly sensitive receiver that is able to sense your Wii Remote wirelessly–even at distances beyond the 16-foot range of the standard sensor bar. This makes it an ideal accessory for users who either have large TVs, or who would simply prefer to have greater flexibility to move about the room while they play. Since Wii games emphasize motion and mobility, the sensor will enhance your Wii experience.

Easy, Wireless Setup
Setting up the Ultra Sensor Bar is easy, and requires no special software installation on the Wii. It is fully compatible with the original sensor bar holder that came packaged with your Wii console. It is also completely wireless–running on four “AA” batteries (sold separately)–so you won’t have to deal with frustrating wires or cables.

Convenient, Battery-Saving Functions
The Ultra Sensor Bar also implements a convenient, automatic shutoff mechanism, which helps conserve battery life. There’s a timer you can set manually for how long you want the sensor bar to be turned on before it automatically switches off. Also, a convenient indicator lights up when battery power is running low.

Sleek, User-Friendly Design
With its smooth edges and monochromatic tones, the Ultra Sensor Bar sports a sleek look that complements the Wii. It’s also extremely easy to operate, with the controls you need accessible on the front panel.Wireless replacement sensor bar with extended play range provides
Adjustable distance settings for large or small rooms
Automatic shut-off feature (1 hour and 2 hour options) extends battery life
Low battery indicator light alert – no more unexpectedly dead batteries (uses 4 AA batteries – not
Officially Licensed by Nintendo. 100% Authentic POWER A Product