07 Feb

Price: $19.99 - $48.73
(as of Feb 07,2019 12:03:35 UTC – Details)

This action-packed, role playing game is set in the galaxy of the year 772 SD, about 400 years following the events of part 2. In this 3rd installment you play as Fate Linegod, a 19-year-old human who’s come to a resort planet for some fun. But as Earthlings and varied aliens seek to coexist you’ll delve deeper into a story told through elaborate CG sequences and engage in timing-based battles with countless monsters.Fate and Sofia are on vacation when the attack begins. As they separate, they’ll travel to different worlds and fight to reunite across worlds
Traditional role-playing action goes to a new level with an in-depth story, fantastic anime-style graphics and a more advanced fighting system
Incredible features like extended cinematic sequences, a new Vs. Mode and unparalleled real-tim combat choices draw you into this epic role-playing saga