10 Nov

Price: $24.94
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Unlike any other currently available target, the PRT provides a method of Warming or Cooling a subject [Temperature-Kelvin] while automatically adjusting for [TINT] at the same time based on the current location’s lighting situation. This method produces much more realistic results compared to simply moving the Temperature Slider in post production which produces yellowish or bluish whites depending on the direction. Extensive research and development brings you the completely redesigned 3 in 1 Photo Reference Tool for Photographers and Videographers. Now with a special formulated matte coating on high quality durably PVC plastic and revolutionary Dual Axis Color ControlTM. Featuring 49 specialized color swatches it provides an all in one solution to Color Correction, White Balance and Exposure Compensation.49 color reference tiles – take complete control over their color workflow
Revolutionary Dual Axis Color Control – Gray Card
12 step exposure gradient provides perfect tonal reproduction
12 tiles of primary, processed and standard skin tone colors
24 step gradient, unlike any other color reference tool, allows unrivaled True Color temperature control