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AUTHOR INFORMATION ——————————————————————————– D. Gary Young, ND, has made tremendous contributions to the rebirth of essential oils in North America. One of the pioneers in researching, cultivating, and distilling essential oils, he has spent decades conducting clinical research on the ability of therapeutic essential oils to combat disease and improve health. He has developed his own methods of application from which thousands of people have benefited. ——————————————————————————– TABLE OF CONTENTS ——————————————————————————– Acknowledgements Preface Dedication Foreword Section I: Background, Chemistry, Safety Chapter 1: Essential Oils: The Missing Link in Modern Medicine Chapter 2: How Do Essential Oils Work? Chapter 3: The Chemistry of Essential Oils Chapter 4: How to Safely Use Essential Oils Chapter 5: Cleansing Chapter 6: Producing Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils Section II: Single Oils/Hydrosols (Floral Waters) Chapter 7: Single Oils Chapter 8: Hydrosols (Floral Waters) Section III: Blends Chapter 9: Oil Blends Section IV: Vita Flex/Raindrop/Auricular/Emotional Response/Longevity Chapter 10: Vita Flex Technique Chapter 11: Raindrop Technique Chapter 12: Lymphatic Pump Chapter 13: Auricular Aroma Technique Chapter 14: Emotional Response and Essential Oils Chapter 15: Longevity and Essential Oils Section V: Application Methods/Reference Guide Chapter 16: Application Methods/Reference Guide Section VI: References/Appendices/Index References Appendicies IndexThis essential oil reference book by D. Gary Young is a must have for those who are serious about therapeutic application of pure essential oils. Dr. Young combines years of scientific research on the use and application of essential oils, and blends it into an easy to use guidebook. This book includes detailed instructions on how to apply the oils, information on Gary Young’s journeys across the world, and recipes for 25 special oil blends.