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Do you love fashion? Do you love coloring? Are you looking for relaxation and calming? Then you need Head Over Heels: An Adult Coloring Book with Designs for Fashionistas and Shopaholics!

This beautiful coloring book for adults is a great way to embrace the benefits of relaxation and stress reduction that adult coloring provides. Let each of the soothing designs help guide you through a journey of tranquility and let your troubles leave your mind.

Use Ink or Pens
Feel free to use fine-tipped ink markers, color pencils, and pens. Our designs have great detail and exquisite lines for a great coloring experience

Fashionable and Elegant Designs
Head Over Heels contains stylistic images of various high heeled shoes and fashion accessories.for a unique coloring sensation.

Single Sided Pages With One Design Per Page
You will find blank pages behind each drawing to help prevent ink pens from bleeding through the next drawing.

The Perfect Holiday Gift
Give peace and tranquility to all your loved ones.

Sit back, relax, and find inner peace through adult coloring. As you travel on this path towards mindful bliss, be prepared to be delighted and entertained with page after page of relaxing and calming designs. Soothing swirls and wondrous waves will guide you towards your happy place.

The Perfect Coloring Book for Women Who Love Shoes!

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