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Here are quotes from our WONDERFUL CUSTOMERS’ reviews!

Is Fashionista Tattoos the BEST brand?

• I’ve used temporary tattoos in the past and this brand is by far the best-logan T.
• By far the best design assortment I’ve ever seen-Heart broken girl
• super easy to use not like the cheaper tattoos!-Christina Lane
• much cooler than other flash tattoos-goodgal
• While searching for temporary tattoos, I was disappointed by how many were poor quality..Not true with Fashionista Flash Tattoos! I am so impressed-Margo T.

How Good Are They?

• These are PERFECT!-LL
• Fashionista Flash Tattoos are absolutely beautiful!-Gina Russell
• They look absolutely fabulous-Busy Bee “So Long”
• What more can I say, these are stunning!-Christina Derwey
• the most stunning designs-christine seaholtz
• so fabulous and glamorous-BBowen


• I’m on day 3 now and it still looks stunning-Danielle
• still intact after 3 full days-Kay
• it lasted for about 7 days-logan T.
• took two baths and the tattoo was undamaged-Margo T.

Get Compliments?

• Everyone’s been .. commenting on how awesome they are!-E.G. Harris
• getting lots of positive compliments-christine seaholtz
• we even got complements when we went .. shopping-Christine

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