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Get these unforgettable prince outfit from E-TING and let your little girls dress up all their favorite Ken’s and similar dolls.

There’s nothing quite like playing with Barbie and Ken, or imagining Prince and Princess’ love story as a young girl. They’re our first best friends, they meet our fantasies of beautiful things, and they’re fun to dress up and send off on imaginary adventures. That’s why we created E-TING Ken Doll Clothes; handmade clothes that let you dress up your favorite plastic dolls in beautiful, colorful Fashion Sets that make them look unforgettable.

Time for Dress Up!

We’ve spent 6 years honing our crafting process, including cutting, stitching, and trimming each finely-crafted dress, so that your little one can roleplay and create imaginative stories all her own. Our exquisite handmade clothes will help her Prince find her soulmate, taking part in the memorable evening ball, or embarking on a whirlwind world trip!

Important Brand Note

We are not affiliated with Mattel and are not implying that these items are associated with Mattel. We simply just offer great products to complement the Barbie product line. Barbie is the trademark of Mattel.

Please check our package and product details to learn even more about our highly-detailed safety and manufacturing processes.

Product Details:

  • Fabric Blend: Cotton, Polyester and Denim
  • Handcrafted with Precision Care
  • Bright, Vivid Colors
  • Other Clothes Attributes
  • Not Suitable for Children Under 36 Months
  • Model Size: Height: 30CM, Shoulder Width: 7.5CM, Bust: 16CM, Waist: 11.5, Buttocks: 13CM, Thigh: 7.5CM
  • Dolls Not Included

Compatible Toy: Ken Doll

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Perfect Fit – These handmade Barbie Ken clothes are made to fit 12 inches tall (Hight: 30cm; Shoulder Width: 7.5cm; Bust: 16cm; Waist: 11.5cm; Buttocks: 13cm; Thigh: 7.5cm) Mattel dolls perfectly.
Gorgeous Set – Each order comes with 3 sets handsome casual outfit; Ken has a fantastic taste when it comes to fashion clothing.
Vintage Collection – Carefully crafted by hand, these prince suit is stitched and sewed with utmost care to meet European CE standards.
Holiday Gift – Give these toy doll clothes to little girls and teens for Christmas, birthday, and holiday gifts. Young girls of all ages will love this outfit!
Total Safety in Mind – Made for children ages 36 months and up, we carefully choose raw materials, Velcro, and production process to ensure child safety.

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