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Package included:2pcs of waterproof shower hats in the same color


Size:diameter about 27cm/10.6″

These shower caps offer a soft, waterproof nylon exterior with a mold-resistant, PEVA lining. It provides the perfect combination of style, comfort, and quality. And these shower caps feature an oversized design perfect for thick or long hair. There’s a elastic band which will not ride up on the back of your head and stay in place. These shower caps are reusable and soft. And it fits for showering, cooking and SPA, or tying your hair when you are making up, cleaning face, etc. Protect your hair well when you use it. All ladies will love this great deal for it is both beautiful and practical for everyday use.

Dimension: diameter about 27cm/10.6″, and package included 2pcs of shower caps to protect your hair from any harmful substances or getting wet when you taking shower
It is very soft and lightweight making it extremely comfortable to wear and it is large enough to hold in place when wrapping and is great for plopping or scrunching your hair
They are portable and even works well on a business trip or travel around and after using them, you can simply hang them on hooks along with your bathrobe
They are a perfect size and work for both short and medium length hair, and this pack included 2pcs, so you can keep one for yourshower at home and carry the other one in your gym bag for the days that your swim
These waterproof hair cap can fit for showering, cooking and SPA, protect your hair well or can be applied for tying hair when making up, cleaning face, etc.

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