20 Jun


Name: home accessories – couple like – couples phase
Size: Black elephant 23cm wide 13cm bottom width 8cm
red elephant high 13cm wide 12cm bottom width 8cm
Origin: Millennium porcelain are Jingdezhen
Material: high temperature ceramic color glaze
Note: size is manual measurement, please receive the kind of subject
✔ Ceramic with red and white classic color reflects the trend of modern trends, you can put the living room, bedroom or study, simple wild, a symbol of good meaning.
✔ This section of the finishes work fine, the gods of the swans cried, industry loyalty, people swan as pure, loyal, noble symbol, is a good gift between couples.
✔ This pair of couples swan ceramic temperament noble and elegant, smooth lines outline the swan tall neck, gentle and soft. Enjoy the pleasure of visual enjoyment.
✔ porcelain after 2372F high temperature ignition, no leg color, the bottom containing wear pads, to protect the contact surface from wear and tear.
✔ Unique home furnishings at home can reflect the owner’s taste and taste of life, but also to attract the attention of the guests, filling the owner’s unique charm.

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