09 Apr

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This small crystal knob can have a magical effect in decorating a room. Suitable for the door of the drawer, cabinet, cupboard, wardrobe, etc.
The crystal knobs shine in the light and make splendid visual effects in the room if several of them are used, so as to liven up the room and make it elegant.
Constructed with durable clear crystal and zine alloy, which make the drawer pull handles promise a long service time.
Make smart gift idea, just send these crystal door knobs to your friends, they will absolutely love them!

-Material: crystal glass + zinc alloy
-Dimension: Crystal diameter: 40mm
-Screws of 3 different lengths: 22mm, 26mm, 30mm
-Alternative metal gaskets for better fixation
-Color: Clear


-8x Clear crystal knobs
-8x Metal gaskets
-24xScrews: 8xScrews(22MM),8xScrews(26MM),8xScrews(30MM)A simple, practical and most economical way to decorate an elegant room.
Suitable for doors for any purpose such as drawer door, wardrobe door, cabinet door, cupboard door, etc.
3 kinds of mounting screws: 22mm, 26mm, 30mm in length, the screw width is 4mm.
A package of 8 crystal knobs to meet the need of use for more places.
Refurbish and update your furniture and brighten up your house, charming with elegant style, please kindly note that the knobs are 40mm(1.58”) in diameter.

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