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These HBNY Micro Silk Neckties are the most trendy fashions in premium ties. You, or the man in your life will own the desired fashion statement with these great color tie options, without spending a fortune. These ties are ideal with a suit, for an up-casual outfit or business meeting attire.

• Assorted Colors & Patterns
• Micro silk
Narrow Style
• Fashion Fabric
• Matched Set of 2

Choose from our assorted great colors or buy multiple sets to complete & complement your necktie wardrobe. Each set has two winning coordinated ties to match up perfectly for your every evening occasion or business opportunity. You can rest assured with these quality fashion designed silk ties. Make your attire and wardrobe accessories pop with these silk ties, today’s most modern, trendy narrow mini styles.

These ties demand more respect! Nothing says “I know sharp clothing” like a well selected necktie. People who dress well count on being treated better. Ties alternate between the frame and the art of the outfit. Make sure your art stands bold with these slim fashion silk neckties by HBNY. Our elegant designed ties will add that stylish focus to your professional business outfit or the exact flair you need to shine at dinner. Wearing these HBNY fashion ties adds that smart extra fashion edge to get noticed!

HBNY’s Necktie Sets come in a variety of patterns and colors. Experimenting with different looks & styles to step out in optimal high fashion can be fun and should be this easy. Every man needs this collection in his wardrobe. Great neckties bring a sophisticated touch to your look and help you stand out from a crowd. Get noticed as someone going places at your workplace by HBNY trendy, designer ties.
Never be stuck again with the same accessories when you can navigate these colorful silky stylish neckties for each and every important life event.

SMOOTH & SILKY: Our neck ties offer that soft, silky look and classic & rich appearance that complement everything from formal wear to casual office attire. It suits all occasions.
WIDE SELECTION: Add a fun, elegant, or classic dash of color to your wardrobe today. Choose a 2 pack that matches your style from these beautiful asstd patterns and colors.
CLASS & QUALITY: Known for trendy, designer menswear, HBNY brings you the finest in affordable accessories, made with premium fabrics and materials, and expert craftsmanship.
EASY CARE: This microsilk necktie is easy to clean and is wrinkle and pimple resistant. Important meeting or interview? It will keep you looking sharp and at your best all day long.
PERFECT GIFTS: A man can always do with another set of neckties, which is why they are such a classic gift. Perfect as a corporate gift, Christmas stocking stuffer, or father’s day.

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