Home use 6 in 1portable RF laser thrapy weight loss waist slimming belt


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 Home use 6 in 1portable RF laser thrapy weight loss waist slimming belt 



What is the weight loss machine function ? 

It`s 6 in 1, the functions including : Radio frequency, ultrasonic burst fat, kneading massage, high frequency vibration, far infrared heat and laser irradiation .


What`s the ADVANTAGE of the weight loss belt ?

1.No need hand hold , easy to use, just wear it is enough ;Small size, easy to carry;The interface is humanized , easy to operate:The design is brilliant , and suit for the human body shape .
2. The intensity and function can be adjusted as the customer demand . 
3. It`s combine the RF burning fat, ultrasonic burst fat, kneading massage, high frequency vibration, far infrared heat and laser irradiation into one belt, and the slimming effect obviously . Physical therapy rehabilitation method, no side effect, no trauma, non-invasive . 





What`s the new weight loss machine Specification ?

Item New weight loss machine with 6 function in one device
LED  16pcs, each one is 60mW, totally is 960mW
Laser diode 6pcs diode with 808nm, each one is 180mW, totally is 1080mW
Thermal temperature    38-46 degree
Output voltage 12V
Input voltage AC100-240V
N.W 1.2kg
Box size 379*160*155mm
Packing 9pcs/CARTON Carton size: 515*395*500mmN.W: 10.62KG


What is the Security Considerations ?

1. Be sure to use suitable safety standard socket.

2. Please use suitable power adapter provided by the company so as to maintain normal operation.

3. Please do not use wet hand to touch the power plug.

4. Please pull up the plug from the socket while not use

5. Please do not disassemble the device by yourself, so as to avoid electric damage.

6. Please do not put the device in unstable desktop to avoid falling damage.

7. Please do not put the device in high temperature or high humidity places.

8. In the following situation, please pull up the power plug and stop using it.

    – The power cord or power plug is damaged or broken.

    – The device be affected with damp or get wet in the rain.

    – The device smoke, on fire or other unsafe situation





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