Ethan’s Organic Energy Drink, 3 Flavors, Pineapple Aloe, Tart Cherry Ginger, Pomegranate Blueberry, Gluten Free, B6 & B12 Vitamin C Focus Supplement, Plant Based Diet (Variety 6 Pack of 2oz Shots)

Price: $19.98
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Product Description

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When to take?

Take when you need a morning or afternoon boost.

Take first thing in the morning or with meals.

Take in between meals or a workout.

Take when you’re traveling or feel a cold coming on.

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    Meet Ethan

        Born on Stonyfield Farm and raised by organic food entrepreneurs, Ethan Hirshberg has had food and business in his blood since Day 1.

        A long-time user and proponent of apple cider vinegar, his first products were our line of apple cider vinegar shots. Seeking to solve the problem that he – and many others – faced with daily apple cider vinegar use, he simply sought to make the potent elixir taste better.  It didn't take long before friends and family were raving about the convenience of our shots and requested more products that would support their personal health journeys.

        Owing to his parents’ original mission, everything is made with organic ingredients and packaged in glass bottles. Ethan always says we'll never make anything he wouldn’t give to his mom.

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ethan's science based research

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all ethan's products organic

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ethan's feedback matters

    Ethan’s Registered Dietitian

        On-staff dietitian evaluates the most up to date peer-reviewed literature on herbal remedies. This allows us to formulate our shots with cutting edge studies in mind.

    What Goes Into It

        We are beyond proud to source our shots with ingredients produced by USDA organic farms.

    Your Feedback Matters

        We use your feedback to help determine our new flavors and products.

NUTRITIONAL DRINK ENERGY SHOT for daily energy, focus supplement. Take when you need a fast acting morning or afternoon energy boost. No weird chemical taste or crash. Best tasting focused energy supplement.
NO ADDED SUGAR, only real fruit juice you can taste, and organic corn husk Xylitol and Stevia Sweetened, Only 3 low grams sugar from fruit sugar per serving, quick pick me up done right.
NO REFRIGERATION NEEDED unless the bottle is opened and not used right away. Perfect portable energy. Each bottle meant to be one serving to be enjoyed all at once. Only 25-30 low calories per serving.
RECYCLABLE AND NON-TOXIC GLASS BOTTLES, We use glass packaging, and always will, because unlike plastic, glass will never leach chemicals into your organic beverage. All products are made in the USA and pasteurized.

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